Today we are providing our trading signal success guide. This is a guide built to help traders increase their win rate. The majority of the information will come across as common sense to talented traders, but sometimes it’s good to reapply fundamental ideas in order to be successful. The learning curve for the Binary Today 5 signals vary depending on your skill level, but most clients have it all sorted out after a few weeks of testing and analysis.

Basic Signal Analysis

While each trader will have their own approach for analysis, we use our built in trade-assistant to analyze incoming signals quickly, before placing trades. There are many trades, and while some traders may want to trade all of them, we prefer filtering out some of the higher risk opportunities, using the trade assistant.

The content inside of the red box is the Binary Today 5 trade assistant. The information inside this box can help you judge the viability or potential win rate of a trade signal when it arrives. Again, not all of our clients follow this methodology but it’s a great starting point at choosing higher probability signals.

We can actually us this exact image, as an example for a signal that just happened to pop up.

Trade Example

Many of our clients will only trade a signal when the trade assistant is in agreement. Some traders believe 2 arrows in the same direction is enough, others want 3/4 in the same direction, and some even only trade when the trade assistant has 4/4 arrows in the same direction as the signal.

In the example above 3/4 arrows are pointed upwards, which means the trade assistant is in agreement with a CALL signal.

Here you can see the exact call signal that came in. Most of our clients will take this trade, and be confident in the result because it’s a high probability outcome.

We recommend testing 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 for your first few weeks to see what approach you want to take, and how much risk you are comfortable with.

Newer Strategy

There are many clients that will wait for the trade assistant to align, and then place the trade. This is not something we have done much testing with. Generally, if the trade assistant is not in alignment at the time of the signal, then we will ignore the trade.

Though, we don’t discourage our clients from running their own tests, and finding approaches that work for them.

Further Analysis

Due to different price quotes, broker is very important, and so is keeping track of your trades during your testing phase.

You will want to mark down the pair, the trade assistant arrows, the result, and the time the trade was taken. After compiling trades during your testing phase you will be able to find patterns where the win rate is at it’s highest.

Then, you can use certain pairs, and signals at certain times for an even higher success rate.


If you follow these steps, you will undoubtedly find the success that hundreds of our active clients achieve on a daily basis. If you ever need help feel free to email us.

Thanks for reading.